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LED Light Therapy:
Where science meets beauty. 
Grab aN LED light session or an LED facial at GLO

All LED Light devices are not created equal. Celluma LED light therapy devices are the gold standard for Anti-Aging and Acne and we have it!

LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes different wavelengths of light to help treat various skin issues such as acne and fine lines. It helps with inflammation, building collagen, skin tone, wound healing + more. LED was actually developed for clinical use by NASA back in the nineties.

*LED is NOT UV light and will not cause a sunburn. See FAQ here

45 Min. LED Facial



A non-invasive LED light focused session is paired with an LED activated Hydrojelly mask to give you unmatched anti-aging & (if necessary) acne fighting benefits. This facial is perfect for people on the go looking to experience the benefits of LED Red and Blue Light Therapy.



  • Removes dead skin cells + Unclogs pores

  • HydroJelly Mask Hydrates

  • Relaxes + Recharges

  • Softens + Hydrates

  • Anti-Aging

  • Build Collagen

  • LED helps with acne + aging skin

  • Encourages circulation

  • Penetrates serums for maximum absorption


Includes Deluxe LED Activated HydroJelly Mask!



  • Deep Double Cleanse

  • Exfoliating Scrub

  • LED Activated Hydrojelly Mask

  • LED Light Session

  • Relaxing hand & arm massage

  • Complimentary Lip & Eye care

  • Targeted Serums, Moist urizers & SPF

  • No extractions with this facial

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30 Min. Red or Blue LED Light Session

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Get in, Get out, Get GLO-ing. This is a stand alone, basic service.

Spend 25 minutes under the Celluma LED Light while receiving a complimentary FREE Hand and arm massage. If you are interested in a more in depth facial, please see other LED option above.

Choose from Anti-Aging or Acne Mode based on your skin-care needs.




  • Relaxes + Recharges

  • LED helps with acne

  • Encourages circulation

  • Build Collagen



  • LED Light Session (Acne or Anti-Aging)

  • (Optional) Relaxing hand & arm massage

Add-Ons Available

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Dermaplane $20

Dermaplaning is a non-evasive exfoliation and skin resurfacing technique that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz. a Dermaplane allows for better product penetration, helps reduce fine lines & wrinkles, evens tone, reduces milia.

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CBD Products


Rebalance, reset + relax. CBD will give your skin a much-needed boost, leaving it healthy, glowing + radiant. ​CBD is Rich in antioxidants, vitamins + minerals. It can counteract free-radical damage, reduce inflammation, minimize breakouts, diminish wrinkles, fight dullness, + calm skin.

Beauty Care

Foot Treatment $25

This treatment starts with a luxerious foot and calf massage followed by a sweet smelling foot scrub. A softening mask and serum is applied. Relax while electric booties warm your feet and penetrate product, leaving your feet soft and refreshed.


Hand Treatment $25

This treatment starts with a silky hand softener treatment, followed by a sweet smelling hand scrub and extended massage. Serum filled booties and a mask follow as well as a session in our electric warming booties. Your hands will thank you!

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones $30

Coming Soon! A hot stone massage is a method of massage therapy that employs heated basalt stones. These stones help release tension, help sore muscles, damaged tissues, circulation and can help soothe the soul.


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